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In the sector of potatoes, vegetables and fresh fruit, the name ‘Vrasdonk’ is well established and has accumulated many years of expertise. We are the third generation in trading potatoes, vegetables and fresh fruit.


Vrasdonk was
founded by
Gerard and
Marica Vrasdonk


Jan and Ben
Vrasdonk entered
the company


Ownership of Vrasdonk B.V. in hands of Jan and Ben Vrasdonk

“From grandfather to father, from father to sons”

“Trading is in our DNA”

Quality as a starting point

Vrasdonk B.V. provides its clients with a high quality selection of potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables. The most important part in building a good and trusting relationship with our clients, is delivering consistent high quality in both product and services.

A clear way of working

To respond to the supply and demand in our market we have to work in a practical and efficient way. Our way of working could best be described as down-to- earth and personalised.

Connections throughout the supply chain

We have strong relationships with all different parties in the supply chain. Our strength is in connecting grower, haulier, supplier and consumer.