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Vrasdonk B.V. is working with a wide range of growers. On this page we present you with three of our partners.


Gerfruit is one of our most important growers of French apples. The apples are bred in the Sarthe, Indre-et-Loire and Maine-et-Loire regions. The apples are branded under the Mylord’ label and are bred by a group of growers who are completely focussed on high quality and innovation. Gerfruit offers year round availability in French apples.

In addition to the Mylord’ brand, Gerfruit is an official grower of the Jazz apple.



Our partnership with Lemoulec commenced in 1998. Lemoulec is our specialist in French cauliflowers and potatoes focussing on the region Brittany.

Louis Favel

Louis Favel is our partner in offering a high quality selection of peaches and nectarines. Louis Favel has a 220 hectares orchard delivering a daily production of up to 100 tons of fruit in peak periods.

Our partnership with Louis Favel was established in 2012.